Jamu Arema, Hanafi Hope the Persegres Players Performed Insistently

Jamu Arema, Hanafi Hope the Persegres Players Performed Insistently

Persegres Gresik coach United Hanafi instructed his students to appear loose and more persistent when entertaining Arema FC. Both teams will meet in a League 1 match at Petrokimia Stadium, Gresik, Wednesday (07/12/2017).

That is because, until now Persegres still stranded in the bottom of the standings, precisely in the 17th rank of 18 contestants competition. So additional points are needed to hoist the position of team Laskar Joko Samudro.

“Since the competition, we like no resistance, such as staggering. The rest of this match (first round) do not know, just spend it wrote. Because the second round is not possible physical exercise. In a sense, they have to insist in the rest of the game, “Hanafi said in a press conference before the game, Tuesday (07/11/2017).

He also stated, it was ready to entertain Arema who has a position. Especially in the game later, most likely they will be reinforced by Goran Gancev and Choi Hyun-yeon. The last name has not played for a long time due to injury.

“All players are ready, Goran is ready, including Choi. Only (Mohammad Chairul) Rifan who got accumulated cards, one wrote, “he said.

When mentioned about the power of Arema, without hesitation Hanafi mentions the quality of Singo Edan team slightly above his protege, although he stated will not give up before the game.

“Arema is amazing, but often it’s Al Farisi from the left wing. That aja who can often points from the left, maybe that wrote that I will prioritize, “he said.

So far, from 13 Persegres matches, they have won only one win, three draws, and the rest ended in defeat. Conditions that make the players, also miss the victory and it will try to do when facing Arema though will not be easy.

“The point is when the game must furiously opponent Arema. Hopefully we will get points, “said Komaruddin, one of Gresik United’s attackers.